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Episode 7: The BMA Family

The big game is on! The school year comes to an end, and with it, The Ambassador’s Project as well. Soon, everyone will say goodbye, but not after their last task.

Episode 1: A Special Project

When five students show up late for school registration, the principal assigns them to a new initiative called: “The Secret Ambassadors.” At first, none of the students take the assignment seriously, but eventually, something that started out as a project changes their lives forever.

Episode 4: Hard work

Everybody is motivated now and working efficiently on their assignments but Jake. He has something bothering his mind, and he’s about to make a deal that he might regret later.

Episode 2: Another regular day at BMA

Eddy meets someone special and decides to include a new goal for the project. While the other ambassadors do nothing for the project, they think it isn’t a big deal. But soon, they are going to realize their action brings consequences.

Episode 5: New Changes

The five ambassadors start seeing a change, not only in their environment but also in their personal lives. With time, Melissa has learned to adapt and enjoy her time at school with her friend, Erika, but now that everything is about to change, she needs to learn how to face it alone.

Episode 3: List of Duties

After being called out by the principal’s henchmen, the five ambassadors start their projects. But now that Jennifer is volunteering in all the departments to find her real passion, she’ll soon realize that not everything is as easy as it seems.

Episode 6: A New Step

Dylan starts questioning all the efforts he has put into his project. Is his work worth it? Of course, he’s not the only one; another ambassador is thinking about giving up.

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